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Scenic Design of The Maiden's Prayer by Nicky Silver, Diracted by Faline England and Tasha Ames.


Newlyweds, Taylor and Cynthia are a golden couple, beloved by everyone -- almost.
Libby, Cynthia's hard-drinking sister, is in love with Taylor herself and she can take it no longer.
Fleeing to the back yard she discovers Paul, Taylor's best friend who since childhood has harbored a secret love for the groom himself. As Libby and Paul deal with their unrequited love, and when Cynthia and Taylor suffer an unbearable loss, their lives change dramatically. THE MAIDEN'S PRAYER follows this quartet and Andrew, a one night stand that Paul can't get rid of, as they struggle to learn the difference between loving someone and needing them.

Creative Team:
Directed by Faline England and Tasha Ames
Scenic Design: Merve Caydere Dobai
Costume Design: Allison Dillard
Lighting Design: Z Wayneright


Blank Theatre 2nd Stage.

Spring 2017. 

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