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Scenic Design of The Good Doctor by Neil Simon & Anthon Chekhov, Directed by James Rice and Dear Master by Dorothy Bryant, Directed by Branda Lock.


One set for 2 shows:


The Good Doctor


A writer suffering from writer’s block presents us with a series of witty tales of human eccentricity and frailty in Neil Simon’s take on Anton Chekhov. From an overzealous dentist to the sneezing fit of a government clerk, an entrepreneurial tramp and a mother cheating her governess’ pay.


Dear Master


A dialogue in letters between two 19th century French writers: Gustave Flaubert (author of the groundbreaking Madame Bovary) and George Sand (the romantic novelist who published more than 100 books in her lifetime).

Creative Team:
Scenic Design: Merve Caydere Dobai
Lighting Design: Donny Jacson


Photo credit: Donny Jackson

Little Fish Theatre. San Pedro, CA.

Summer 2017. 

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