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Props Design and Set Dressing of S/he&Me. Starring Alexandra Billings.


This is a love story. It is a love that transcends gender, time and place. It is the story of the love of two individuals – but just as much a story about the love of self. It is a story of parental love - young love and old love. It is a homage to the glorious love of the Broadway show tune and it is an affirmation of that idealized love. In a life of pain and suffering – illness and death – drugs and dissolution – the spirit triumphs. Love does conquer all – and we celebrate our happily ever after ending.

Creative Team:
Conceived and Directed by Joanne Gordon
Scenic Design: Danila Korogodsky
Costume Design: Carlene Descalo
Lighting Design: Elisheva S. Siegel

California Repertory Theatre.

Fall 2015. 

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