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(Projects in Progress)

One Set, Two Plays


Scenic Design of Mending Fences, by Norm Foster. Directed by Madeleine Drake.

It’s been thirteen years since Drew has seen or talked to his father, Harry. But a marital upset in Drew’s life drove him to make the 32 hour trek to visit and seek answers from the man who shaped his life. A human drama that is relevant to anyone who has ever been a parent, a son, or a daughter. 

Scenic Design of Provenance, by Elyzabeth Gregory Wilder. Directed by Holly Baker Kreiswirth.

In this magical story, Cleo is a librarian high atop a mountain, whose self-imposed isolation is broken only to teach an older gentleman to read. Frances is a worldly woman on a quest to read a list of 100 books and disrupts Cleo’s life on her search for the last book.

Little Fish Theatre, San Pedro, CA.

Spring 2018. 

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